Neustar Senior Technologist Rodney Joffe Warns of Stuxnet Dangers in 2011

Rodney Joffe

The Stuxnet worm, a devastatingly sophisticated computer virus shrouded in mystery since being unleashed on an Iranian nuclear facility this summer by an unknown source, could be a major threat for the nation next year, Neustar (NYSE: NSR) cyber pro Rodney Joffe told ComputerWeekly.

Stuxnet, generally regarded as a major leap in cyber malfeasance technology, infects computer systems covertly and has the ability to manipulate physical processes.

“This is an area that is getting increased attention in the underground forums, ” Joffe said, though the threat could easily extend beyond the realm of finance.

According to the publication: “Large industrial companies are generally aware of the threat, he said, but mid- and lower-level organizations such as air-conditioner, lift and aircraft manufacturers were oblivious to the relevance of Stuxnet.”

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