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Mike Gaffney Breaks Down CSC’s $124 Million Day with the EPA

Mike Gaffney

CSC (NYSE: CSC) won four contracts from the EPA worth a total $124 million that will see the firm perform a number of technical tasks for the agency.

As part of the first two deals, “CSC will provide custom applications and commercial-off-the-shelf applications management support. CSC will develop and manage requirement-specific software applications and provide support services for government and commercial off-the shelf software platforms operated by the EPA’s Office of Environmental Information, Office of Technology Operations and National Computer Center. Services include development, management, monitoring, maintenance, support and upgrades.”

The third contract focuses on support to email, mobile devices and collaboration tools, and the fourth on comprehensive software and hardware management and maintenance support to the EPA’s enterprise server operations.

“For more than 30 years, CSC has helped the EPA apply ingenuity and technology to meet challenges of national and global importance, ” said Mike Gaffney, president of CSC’s Civil and Health Services Group. “CSC will provide streamlined service delivery, re-engineered infrastructure operations and enhanced service tracking to increase efficiency, improve accuracy and support environmental decision making.”

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