Sevatec CTO Rodrigo Fontecilla on Protecting Information Assets

Rodrigo Fontecilla

Sevatec CTO Rodrigo Fontecilla spoke with The New New Internet recently and provided a breakdown of how other CTOs can best protect their information assets.

“Intellectual capital and the protection of it are difficult, but at the end of the day, we can come up with a solution, ” Fontecilla said. “We are essentially agnostic to the vendor at some point in time. We want to bring the right solution to the government. We definitely want the government to share that solution if it is usable. We are not in the private sector, we don’t sell software and we don’t necessarily sell specific solutions. Our intellectual capital from the IT solutions point of view – we’d like to share those with the government as long as it is useful for them and it is helping them solve their mission problems. From the more intellectual side, we come with methodologies for delivering solutions; we try to protect them and we use what we preach from the point of view of protecting our internal IT. As the CTO, I’m in charge of that, as well as taking care of the internal IT. Protecting our intellectual capital is part of my job.”

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