Symantec’s Tiffany Jones on the Evolving Cyber-Threat Landscape

Symantec Director of Public Sector Strategy and Programs teams Tiffany Jones spoke with The New New Internet about the shifting nature of the cyber realm:

“We are seeing some evolvement now. First, as indicated by President Obama, cybersecurity is now a tier-one priority for the administration due to the increase in awareness of the threats out there today. As a result, [there is] broader awareness across critical infrastructure and many companies. Secondly, the government itself is trying to restructure around the importance of cybersecurity, whether that’s through legislation–we have some 45-50 bills now on Capitol Hill focused on one or more aspects of cybersecurity– functionally, or organizationally. For example, we have seen the standup of Cyber Command and a number of other important offices in order to organize our resources and our assets appropriately to address the mission and the threat landscape. Lastly, the Advanced Persistent Threat will continue to force us in government and industry to think differently about how we secure and manage important information within our environments. It is no longer enough simply to secure an infrastructure or system. We must also secure the information and interactions we have in cyberspace.”

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