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Tom Hempfield HP’s Efforts to Help AFCEA Go Green

HP was selected by the nonprofit Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA International) to help cut the physical and carbon footprint of the organization’s infrastructure while continuing computer growth.

According to the firm, “by implementing HP solutions, AFCEA International transformed its entire data center infrastructure, which supports email, financial operations, customer websites, and internal and external portals – into a virtualized environment. The technology helped streamline operations, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption and space requirements, while enabling AFCEA International to reduce power and cooling costs by 50 percent.”

“Streamlining data center operations is a critical component in managing budgets and aspiring to environmental conservation for many nonprofit organizations, ” said Tom Hempfield, vice president, U.S. Federal Business Organization, HP. “Drawing on our experience transforming data centers, HP was able to develop an innovative solution for AFCEA International that enabled them to reduce carbon emissions in their current space even as they continue to grow.”

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