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ManTech’s Bill Varner on Cyber Market Growth

ManTech Mission, Cyber and Technology Solutions (MCTS) Group lead Bill Varner recently spoke with ExecutiveBiz about the growing cyber market – and where it’s heading.

“Cyber is indeed a growing market, and I think the reason is simple. Many people, including me, believe that cyber security is the number one threat facing our nation after weapons of mass destruction. When you think of how dependent we’ve become on doing business via the Internet, both the government and private sector, both open and classified – it’s easy to see how large the impact of an interruption to that would be. By an interruption, I mean the possibility of not being able to execute transactions, or even worse not being able to trust transactions that are executed.

As to where the market is headed, that’s a lot more difficult. I spend a lot of time these days tracking the cyber legislation moving through Congress. Now that General Keith Alexander has been confirmed as head of the U.S. Cyber Command, that organization will shape the future of a lot of cyber activity and the primary cyber customer areas.”

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