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Harris’ Jim Traficant Talks Military Healthcare Improvements

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), along with Evolvent Technologies, Inc., is working to support military patient care by improving the Bidirectional Health Information Exchange (BHIE) interface.

According to the firm, “the exchange is a health enterprise integration capability employed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to securely share patient information between agencies.”

“Harris is committed to delivering enterprise solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivered to our service men and women, ” said Jim Traficant, vice president and general manager, Harris Healthcare Solutions.  “As service members move between the DoD and the VA systems, their healthcare information will move with them assuring better care and improved patient outcomes. Deployment of these enterprise integration capabilities supports President Obama’s objective mandate for virtual, integration of the Military Health System and Veterans Affairs electronic health records.”

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