BAE Inks USMC Turret Deal

BAE Systems has received a $10.7 million delivery order to provide 1, 197 Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield (MCTAGS) Turret Assemblies. The Turret Assemblies facilitate the mounting and operation of the MCTAGS, which are used to protect service members in close urban environments.

This delivery order is a modification to a previously awarded contract to provide MCTAGS Turret Assemblies, and accessory kits to the USMC over a three-year period. This modification brings the total amount awarded to date to $85 million.

“BAE Systems’ MCTAGS enable direct vision, situational awareness and target acquisition for vehicle gunners, commanders, and drivers while under armor protection, ” said Mark Signorelli, vice president of New Vehicles and Amphibious Systems for BAE Systems. “To date, more than 6, 000 MCTAGS kits have been installed on various military vehicles to provide added protection for the men and women in uniform.”

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