Raytheon Claims $2.9 Million Deal

Raytheon BBN Technologies has been awarded a $2.9 million contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop new steps to better defend Department of Defense Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) against cyber attacks.

“Cyberattackers are constantly advancing and adapting and, as a leader in network and information security, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our government’s sensitive information and network assets, ” said Tad Elmer, president, Raytheon BBN Technologies. “This work will help our nation’s military networks defend against the rapidly evolving variations of network and information attacks.”

The security features that Raytheon BBN Technologies will develop under the Advanced Protected Services (APS) program will address the multifaceted and dynamic information exchange demanded by network-centric operations in a quicker, more cost effective manner.

The goal of the APS program is to enable future military service-oriented information systems to detect, protect and adapt to survive attacks from motivated, well-resourced and determined enemies.

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