Contract Award- Raytheon – $6.5 Million – UK NATS

The United Kingdom’s NATS has awarded Raytheon a $6.5 million contract to conduct evaluations on technology to minimize the effects of wind turbines on radar systems. As wind turbines rotate, they create a potential radar blackout area.

Under the contract, Raytheon will carry out software modeling and field trials for new technology to decrease the Doppler effect created by the rotation of the wind turbines.

Andy Zogg,   vice president of Raytheon’s  Network Centric Systems, Command and Control Systems, said””We are developing this much-needed technology with NATS to eliminate potential radar blackout zones near wind farms and enable the U.K. to continue its progress in developing safe, renewable energy resources. This contract award is a strong endorsement of our leap-ahead technology and will enable our customer to move forward with its greening of energy production.”

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