Contract Award – BAE Systems – $60.6 Million – Army

The US Army has awarded BAE Systems a $60.6 million contract to work on military vehicles. The contract is to work on Bradley Fighting Vehicles, M113A3 Ambulance vehicles and Multiple Launch Rocket System Redesigned cabs.

The contract is broken into parts and includes the following sections:

-$54.5 million to install modifications on Bradley vehicles that include ammo restraints, advanced fire suppression, new seats and the ability to mount armor tiles.

-$5.4 million to design updates for Bradley Operation Desert Storm Situational Awareness vehicles to be more similar to the Bradley A3 vehicle.

-$414, 000 to install Auxiliary Power Unit and Environmental Control Unit modification kits for MLRS cabs. Also, includes provisions for training crews and maintenance personnel.

-$350, 000 to integrate the Mounted Soldier Systems for M113A3 Ambulance vehicles.

Joe McCartyh, VP and general manager of HBCT Systems, said “The Bradley and M113 Family of Vehicles play integral roles in the Army’s Heavy Brigade Combat Teams. BAE Systems continues to support our troops overseas by maintaining and improving these vehicles to ensure soldiers are protected and able to complete their mission.”

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