Lockheed Awarded $700M for US, Int’l F-35 Parts

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded a $698,032,385 U.S. Navy contract to gather parts, materials and components for 57 F-35 fighter jets that are being acquired by the U.S. and five international partners. The fixed-price-incentive, firm target, advanced acquisition contract covers work on low rate initial production lot 9 through May 2015 and the full funding amount is being obligated at...

Orlando Carvalho: South Korea, US Could Ink Finalized F-35 Agreement This Year

South Korea has decided to acquire Lockheed Martin-built (NYSE: LMT) F-35 fighter jets through a foreign military sales process with the U.S. The South Korean government evaluated and selected the F-35 Lightning II aircraft under that country’s F-X fighter acquisition program, Lockheed said Monday. Orlando Carvalho, Lockheed executive vice president of aeronautics, said the company expects South...

Report: Mitsubishi Heavy, BAE Discuss F-35 Parts Deal

Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is negotiating with BAE Systems the terms of a potential contract, where Mitsubishi Heavy would supply components for Lockheed Martin‘s (NYSE: LMT) F-35 aircraft, Reuters reported Monday. Tim Kelly writes the progress of that agreement depends on the decision of Japan’s government on whether to subsidize production of parts for the F-35’s rear fuselage. BAE...

Singapore to Upgrade F-16 Fighter Planes in $2.4B U.S. Arms Deal

Singapore plans to modernize its fleet of F-16 jets under a $2.43 billion foreign military sales agreement with the U.S., Agence France-Presse reported Tuesday. Singapore will purchase new radars, navigation systems, missiles and other components for the F-16 fighter fleet, according to the report. The arms deal also covers precision-guided bombs and a new helmet-installed display technology for pilots...

Report: South Korea to Purchase 40 Lockheed F-35 Jets

South Korea plans to purchase 40 Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) F-35 fighter jets under a deal that will go before committee led by the country’s defense minister for final approval, Reuters reported Friday. Ju-Min Park and Joyce Lee write the decision comes nearly three months after South Korea chose to re-examine its purchase of 60 Boeing (NYSE: BA) fighter jets under a $7.81 billion tender. The...

Lockheed Picks AGI for F-35 Test, Evaluation Software; Joe Murphy Comments

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has awarded a contract to software provider Analytical Graphics Inc. to develop a test and evaluation platform for the F-35 aircraft. AGI will use a systems tool kit to create a tool for use in test planning, execution and post-flight evaluation work, AGI said Monday. “We are thrilled that the F-35 will be using AGI software for its T&E process,” said Joe Murphy,...

Lockheed Receives Northrop F-35 Center Fuselage for Australia; Brian Chappel Comments

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has received the first center fuselage for Australia’s fleet of F-35 fighter jets from Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), who will manufacture 100 of the fuselages for Australia. Thirty-five total F-35 center fuselages are in flow at Northrop’s integrated assembly line in Palmdale, Calif., including another center fuselage for Australia, Northrop said Thursday. Australia...

Lockheed, Pentagon Close $8B in F-35 Contracts; Lorraine Martin Comments

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and the Defense Department have closed on two new contracts worth $7.8 billion for the sixth and seventh batches of F-35 aircraft, Reuters reported Friday. Andrea Shalal-EsaEmployment Standards Administration writes the company received a $4.4 billion order for 36 F-35s and another $3.4 billion order for 35 F-35s. DoD told Reuters each of the conventional takeoff variants...

Report: Netherlands to Buy 37 Lockheed F-35 Jets

Netherlands Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert is scheduled to announce Tuesday that the Dutch government will acquire 37 Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) F-35 fighter jets, Reuters reports. Anthony Deutsch and Andrea Shalal-EsaEmployment Standards Administration write the Netherlands would become the seventh country to place orders for the F-35 following the U.K., Australia, Italy, Norway, Israel...

Brian Chappel Appointed Northrop F-35 Program Head; Patricia McMahon Comments

northrop Grumman_BLUE
Brian Chappel, a two-decade veteran of Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), has been named vice president and program manager of the F-35 program. He will oversee costs, schedule, quality, customer satisfaction and technical services related to production of the F-35′s center fuselage for prime contractor Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Northrop said Tuesday. Prior to this appointment, Chappel served as...

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