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P.L -  Public Law
PA -  Privacy Act
PALT -  Procurement Action Lead Time
Partnering -  A mutually beneficial business to business relationship based on trust and commitment and that enhances capabilities of both parties.
PAYGO -  Pay-as-you-go
PB -  Presidents Budget
PBSC -  Performance Base Service Contracting
PCMD -  Procurement and Contracts Management Division
PCO -  Procuring Contracting Officer
PCR -  Procurement Center Representative, Small Business
PCSC -  Personal Computer Site Coordinator
PDD -  Procurement Desktop Defense
PDOA -  Preliminary Design and Options Analysis Phase
PE -  Procurement Desktop Defense
PEB -  Performance Evaluation Board
PEBES -  Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
PEC -  Procurement Executive Council
PERS -  Performance and Environmental Results System
PIIN -  Procurement Instrument Identification Number
PIN -  Personal Identification Number / Procurement Initiation Notice
PKI -  Public Key Infrastructure
PM -  Program Manager
PMN -  Pre-Manufacture Notices
PMRS -  Performance Management & Recognition Systems
PMSB -  Program Management Support Branch
PN -  Part Number
PNM -  Price Negotiation Memorandum
PO -  Purchase Order / Project Officer
POAM -  Plan of Action Milestones
POI -  Program Office Interface
POP -  Period of Performance / Place of Perfromance
PPA -  Pollution Prevention Act of 1990
PPAS -  Presidentially Appointed - Senate Confirmed
PPD -  Procurement Planning Document
PPN -  Procurement Planning Notice
PPPRs -  Planning Purpose Procurement Requests
PR -  Procurement Requests
PRA -  Paperwork Reduction Act
Price Analysis -  To ensure "fair and reasonable" prices. The FAR addresses two methods of analysis: 1) price and 2)cost. Price analysis is the more appropriate method when using simplified acquisition procedures because its less complex, less time consuming, and less expensive.
Procurement Plan -  Completed for 8(a) businesses and provides an outline of actions for the contract. An internal document, the contract specialist and a contracting officer sign off on the document.
PSD -  Program Systems Division
PTOD -  Policy, Training and Oversight Division
PY -  Prior Year