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IAE -  Integrated Acquisition Environment
IAG -  Inter-agency Agreement
IAW -  In Accordance With
IC -  Information Centers
ICAR -  Individual Contract Action Report
ICMS -  Integrated Contract Management System
ID -  Indefinite Delivery/ Indirect Rate/ Identification
IDDQ -  Indefinite Delivery Definite Quantity
IDP -  Individual Development Plan
IETF -  Internet Engineering Task Force
IFB -  Invitation for Bid
IFMS -  Integrated Financial Management System
IG -  Inspector General
IGA -  Inter Governmental Agreement
IGCE -  Independent Government Cost Estimate
IGE -  Independent Government Estimate
IGMS -  Information Grants Management System
ILC -  Irrevocable Letters of Credit
Incremental Funding -  Used if the total task order is awarded and the dollar amount of the work is more than the client has available as the desired start time. Pricing for the project is totaled and assigned on the contract, but the pricing is charged incrementally as it becomes available. The overall scope of work and pricing does not change from the original proposal. The incremental funds are added by modifications, but the modifications are not supposed to add on to the period o fperfomace or to add money on to the full amount of the contract.
Intermediary Organization -  Organizations that play a fundamental role in encouraging, promoting, and facilitating business to business linkages and mentor - protege partnershps. These can include both nonprofit and for profit organizations: chambers of commerce; trade associations; local, civic, and community groups; state and local governments; academic institutions; and private corporations.
Intl Assist -  International Assistance Programs (partially USAID)
IQ -  Indefinite Quantity
IRM -  Information Resource Management
IRP -  Installation Restoration Program
ISDN -  Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO -  Information Security Officer/ International Standard Organization/ Independent System Operator
IT Fund -  A fund that is managed by the Government which agencies draw from to pay their costs. It is "no ear money" meaning that it does not expire at the end of the fiscal year. It must be used to buy IT services and supplies.
ITA -  Information Technology Architecture
ITMRA -  Information Technology Management reform Act of 1996
ITV -  Interactive Video Instruction
IVPN -  Integrated Vendor Profile Network