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FAA - Federal Aviation Administratioin
FAC - Federal Acquisition Circular
FACNET - Federal Acquisition Computer Network
FACO - Financial Administrative Contracting Officer
FAI - Federal Acquisition Institute
FAIR - Federal Activities Inventory Reform
FAMIS - Federal Acquisition Management Information System
FARA - Federal Acquisition Reform Act
FASA - Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994
FASAB - Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act
FAT - First Article Testing
FBCA - Federal Bridge Certification Authority
FBO - Federal Business Opportunities
FCO - Funds Control Officer
FDA - Federal Drug Administration
FDIC - Federal Depost Insurance Corporation
FDO - Funds Determination Officer
FFA - Federal Facilities Agreement
FFMIA - Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996
FFP - Firm Fixed Price
FFRDC - Federally Funded Research and Development Center
FGIPC - Federation of Government Information Processing Councils
FICS - Grants Information and Control System
FIFRA - Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
FILO - First In Last Out
FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standard
FIRMR - Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act
FLTCIP - Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
FMFIA - Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act
FMR - Financial Monitoring Reviews
FMS - Financial Management System
FMSD - Financial Management and Services Division
FNSI - Findings of No Significant Impact
FOB - Free on Board
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FOSD - Field Operations & Support Division
FOUO - For Official Use Only
FP - Fixed Price/ Fixed Price incentive
FPASA - Federal Property and Administration Services Act
FPDC - Federal Procurement Data Center
FPDS - Federal Procurement Data System
FPI - Federal Prisons Industries, Inc.
FPKIPA - Federal PKI Policy Authority
FPKISC - Federal PKI Steering Committee
FR - Federal Register
FRC - Federal Records Center
FSC - Federal Supply Classification
FSN - Federal Stock Number
FSS - Federal Supply Schedule
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FTS - Federal Telephone System
FUDS - Formerly Used Defense Site
Full and Open Competition - With respect to a contract action, "full and open" competition means that all responsible sources are permitted to compete.
FY - Fiscal Year

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