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D&F -  Determination and Finding
DARC -  Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council - A group composed of representatives from each Military department, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and that is in charge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) on a joint basis with the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council. (CAAC)
DARO -  Days After Receipt of Order
DAU -  Defense Acquisition University
DCAA -  Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCIOT -  Deputy Chief Information Officer for Technology
DCN -  Document Control Number
DCO -  Document Control Officer
DDU -  Document Distribution Unit
DEL -  Deliver
Direct Cite -  Money does not go through the IT Fund. It is paid by the agency through DFAS. The vendor must go to DFAS to settle their account-it does not go through GSA. This money expires at the end of the fiscal year. Issued on a 1155 instead of GSA Form 300.
DN -  Distinguished Name
DoEd -  Department of Education
DOPO -  Delivery Order Project Officer
DPA -  Delegation of Procurement Authority
DSS -  Digital Signature Standard/ Data & Systems Staff / Decision Support Systems
DTD -  Dated
DTRA -  Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD)
DUNS -  Data Universal Numbering System