Accenture Wins $250M to Develop Identity Mgmt System for TSA; Ken Lawhorn Comments

Accenture Federal Services has won a $250 million contract from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to create identity management and credentialing system processes for individuals working at sensitive and secure areas in the U.S. transportation system.

According to a company statement, the contract has a five-year term, during which Accenture will work with TSA to build a system to consolidate credentialing platforms to include case management and customer relations management.

“This new identity management and card production capability tool will connect people and information to help facilitate secure travel and trade, ” said Ken Lawhorn, leader of Accenture’s work at TSA.

(Click Here, here to read about the recent appointment of David Moskovitz to CEO of Accenture Federal Services.)

TSA currently uses multiple programs to issue credentials and manage worker identities.

The new system is expected to consolidate these programs into one system over time, improve credentialing for new and existing transportation sector workers, increase the consistency of information across multiple programs and improve customer service provided to applicants.

Accenture will work to provide a customer-friendly enrollment function that will allow TSA to streamline the credentialing process for applicants through a single channel.

The transportation worker identification credential used to secure the nation’s maritime transportation system will be the first program to be transitioned.

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