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News- Unisys Research Demonstrates Acceptance of Biometrics

According to a recent study conducted by Unisys Corporation, a majority of individuals throughout the world favor the use of biometric data to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud. The study examined nine countries and found that the major concern for consumers is the risk of fraud and identity theft, although general security concerns have declined slightly.

The percentage of respondents favoring biometric authentication was significantly high in the United Kingdom, with over 90 percent of respondents favoring some sort of biometric system. VP of enterprise security, Mark Cohn, said “Given the concern about bank fraud and identity theft, it is not surprising that people would embrace new ways to protect themselves. But we were somewhat surprised by the wide acceptance of biometrics such as iris recognition and facial scans, technologies which consumers were more familiar with than we might have predicted.” Incidents of identity theft appear to have grown in recent years, particularly with criminals utilizing the internet to gain credentials.

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